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About Us

 Hello Visitor Welcome to SAFARSANGI.COM

What is Safar Sangi  ? 

Safar Sangi means your friend for travel. So does our website. We are dedicated to provide you valuable information on various travel and tours. Most of the guidance is based on our own experience. There are also experience shared by our co-authors. We try to post 1 new story each and every day. I hope you guys can Enjoy and share our writing. 

Who founded SafarSangi.com ? 

Father and Son Duo has founded the website and the printed magazine of Safar Sangi.  My name is Satyanarayan Majumdar , I am a retired school teacher and I have travelled many places around India and abroad. I share my experience through this website. My Son Pratyush Majumdar [ M.A , B.Ed ] also help me run this website . We are very much passionate about the website we created and working hard to make it more user friendly and useful for everyone.

What will you get from SafarSangi.com ? 

  •  Information about various places to visit around Kolkata 
  • Information about various Picnic Spots 
  • Information about Rivers , Sea and Mountains 
  • Information about various places to visit in West Bengal 
  • Various Information about fraud cases happened in tourist places 
  • Information about famous Temples around India 
  • Information of train and Plane 
  • Proper Guide to travel fear free 
  • Guide to travel abroad with less money 

How can You contact Us ? 

Please Visit our Contact us Page for more Details 

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